Yazidi and Religious Belief 

Yazidi is a minority group that lives in the northern part of Iraq.  They have a long history.  They believe in an old religion.  It is a mixture of Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam.  In their legend, God created the earth and entrusted it to seven angels to manage.  The arch angel committed sin and was thrown into Hell.  Later he was restored to his original position. cleansing

The neighbors of Yazidi are mostly Muslims.  Some Muslims believe that the angel worshipped by Yazidi is the Devil.  

Therefore, they hate the Yazidi.  The Yazidi suffered many persecutions due to their religious belief, including ethnic

Ethnic Cleansing and Diaspora

In 2014, the militia force of ISIS suddenly attacked Sinjar and the neighboring villages where the Yazidi lived.  Thousands of men were murdered.  Thousands of women and children were captured.  Young women were forced to become sex slaves.  Some boys were indoctrinated and trained to be child soldiers.  Hundreds of thousands of Yazidis escaped for their lives in panic.  Many were killed on the way or died due to diseases or starvation.  Many refugees eventually arrived at Kurdistan.  Yazidi is ethnically closed to the Kurds.  The Kurds have military force and resisted the aggression of ISIS.  

A few years later, ISIS was defeated by US and alliance forces.  However, the hometowns of Yazidi are badly ruined.  The local situation is unstable, and conflicts are still occurring.  Most of the Yazidi are not able to return home.  

The United Nations established 23 refugee camps for the Yazidi.  However, the refugee camps are full, and many are not able to get into the camps.  For those that were not able to live in refugee camps, they can only live in shelters or abandoned houses.