2015 Anyang Youth Camp


In China, the government only provides nine years of free education. This include six years of elementary school and three years of junior high. The three year of high school is not included. High schools are usually located in cities which can be far from rural areas. Many students from peasants families have to attend boarding schools due to difficulties in transportation. Therefore parents have to pay both the tuition and boarding fees. The high economic pressure often become a barrier for students from poor families to attend high school.

HIS Foundation sets up high school scholarship specifically to help poor students with good academic standing to attend high school. Each scholarship lasts for three years so that the student can complete his/her high school education. Every summer, HIS Foundation organizes Youth Camp for the scholarship students so that they can enjoy good extracurricular activities. Enclosed herewith are photos of the Youth Camp in July.

If you are interested to support these students, please consider donating for HIS Foundation high school scholarships. We have two type of scholarships. Full scholarship student receives US$500 per year and half scholarship students will get $250 per year. You can donate whichever amount you like, even dollars and cents can be helpful for these students. In September, HIS Foundation is sending three medical teams and three wheelchair team to different parts of China and Indonesia for services. Please kindly remember and pray for them.  


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