2017 English Teacher Training Course


In the United States summer is a busy time for students to participate in different types of extracurricular activities organized by school, volunteer organizations or youth groups. However for elementary and high schools students in Henan Province in China, they seldom have opportunities to participate in any summer activities, this is particularly true for students from rural areas. Every summer HIS Foundation organizes various types of activities to cater for different groups.

Children Summer Program: HIS Foundation has rebuilt 11 elementary schools in rural area. This program is designed for these students. It focuses on moral values, knowledge acquisition, physical training, team spirit, and fine arts. 

Youth Camp
: This program is designed for the recipients of high school scholarship from HIS Foundation. Currently we have over 300 students on our scholarship to attend boarding high schools in cities (rural areas usually have no high school). The activities include movie appreciation, talent show, hiking, group games, different types of lectures, services, small group discussion and sharing. Our counselors use these activities for character building and leadership training. 

English Teacher Training Course: This is a very popular course among junior high English teachers and the education authority. Every course is fully enrolled. The course teaches education theory and implementation. It offers effective way of teaching English. Also it rekindles the love of teaching among the student teachers. One course participant even testified that three day learning in the course is already better than the 4 year training at the College of Education.

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