A Cloud Of Witness


This book contains many extraordinary testimonies of salvation. Some of these testimonies are truly remarkable, with elements that are:

  • Twisting and turning: Many testimonies detail the twists and challenges people faced on their path to faith. They may come from diverse religious or cultural backgrounds, encountering various hardships and obstacles.
  • Beyond the ordinary: Some accounts involve events that seem to defy natural or scientific explanation. These experiences often evoke a sense of wonder and highlight God's grace and power.
  • Inspiring: Many protagonists in these testimonies demonstrate extraordinary courage, perseverance, and faith. Their stories are moving and motivate others to pursue faith and truth.

This book is a collection of real-life testimonies of people who have experienced salvation. The vast majority of these individuals have already documented their personal experiences in books. The author of the book you are interested in has translated and compiled these true testimonies into short articles to make them more readable. This way, busy people can take a few minutes to share these stories of life transformation.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: Records the testimonies of people who became Christians without having any prior religious beliefs. These individuals may have come from different backgrounds or cultures, and they may have faced various challenges on their journey to faith.
  • Part 2: Records the experiences of people who converted to Christianity from other religions. These accounts illustrate that God's love and salvation are available to everyone, regardless of their religious background. We see how people experienced significant life transformations, moving from confusion and doubt towards faith and hope.
  • Part 3: Records the struggles of individuals who were involved in cults or heretical groups. These testimonies highlight the dangers of false teachings and the importance of discerning truth from error. We see how people found the courage to leave these groups and embrace true Christianity.
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