2015 Anyang Wheelchair Donation

In China, there are tens of thousands of handicapped patient with difficulties in walking. However, under the current health insurance system, wheelchairs are frequently not covered. Many patients are also unable to afford wheelchairs. Therefore many patients are confined to their homes. Some use stools, sliding boards, and self-made wheelchair to help themselves to ambulate. Some simply crawl on the ground. In view of this ongoing problem, HIS Foundation started the wheelchair donation ministry in 2006. This year HIS Foundation will donate a total of 3,300 wheelchairs. 

I enclosed herewith pictures showing the works of the wheelchair team in May serving in Henan Province. At the time of writing another wheelchair team is getting ready to distribute wheelchairs in seven cities in Xinjiang. 

Wheelchair donation ministry is truly a blessing to many that have difficulties in walking. Please pray and support their efforts.


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2015 Xinjiang Wheelchair