2015 Patients Files

Xiao Jiang (alias) is 23 years old. He had a genetic condition that caused progressive weakness and deformities in both feet. He had great difficulty standing and walking. Since he was not able to walk normally, he was unable to find a job. Xiao Jiang became very depressed. HIS Foundation orthopedic team performed two surgeries and both feet were well corrected. Now he was able to walk normally. He regained hope and confidence in life. 

Mrs. Chiang (alias) is 43 years old. She had poliomyelitis when she was very young. It led to paralysis of her lower extremities. She was not able to stand. She could only ambulate by squatting and used her hands to hold onto the feet. She suffered discrimination and had a very low self-image. HIS Foundation orthopedic team performed two operations and corrected her lower limbs. She was fitted with bilateral braces. Now she is able to stand and walk with a walker. The selfless services of HIS Foundation have a profound impact on her family. Her son becomes very helpful and considerate. 

They are only two of the many patients served by HIS Foundation every year. HIS Foundation provides very valuable help for many indigent patients, bringing hope and warmth to many families. 

I cordially invited you to support us or join us in continuing this story of love of HIS Foundation.  

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