2015 Xinjiang Wheelchair

Xinjiang (full name Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region), in ancient times known as the Western Regions, was a route that silk trade must pass through. It is the hometown of the world-famous dances, melons, and grapes. Xinjiang is made up of a vast piece of land with magnificent mountains and desert and historical remains. Local inhabitants include many ethical groups with diverse culture. HIS Foundation wheelchair team was invited by the local Federation of Disabled People to provide services. A total of 550 wheelchairs were donated in five different counties from July 26 to August 7. 

At the time of writing, three other wheelchair teams just completed services to 8 different locations in Henan Province with 1,650 wheelchairs donated. The orthopedic teams also finished their works at Anyang and Qinyang (details will be reported in the next newsletter).


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