2016 Dali Orthopedic Mission


Dali is an old cultural city. It has a population of over 3 million. One third of which are of the Bai nationality, and is China's sole Bai Autonomous Prefecture. Dali Ancient Town is leaning against Cangshan Mountain and facing the Erhai Lake. It has an area of 4 square kilometer and a city wall height of 8 meters. It has four rostrums (east, south, west, and north). HIS Foundation orthopedic team came to Dali no. 2 Hospital in March and May this year to provide free services. The hospital is located next to the north rostrum.

"My daughter's foot is much better. She has no problem walking. Thank you so much for your help!" The father was excited when he brought her daughter for follow up. Her daughter is 11 year old. A few years ago she was hit by a car and sustained fracture of the right leg. There was also muscle damage and so her right foot became gradually deformed. Walking was very difficult. Last year HIS Foundation surgery team performed operation on her foot. Now the foot is corrected and she can walk normally. (please see below color page)

HIS Foundation surgery teams frequent visit China, Indonesia, and Madagascar to provide free services for handicapped people. It is truly a blessing to many. Please keep the surgery teams in your prayer and support them financially.

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