2017 Zhumadian Wheelchair Donation


I have been practicing orthopaedics in China for over twenty years. I have seen a large number of patients with various types of disabilities. I frequently witness some handicapped patients crawling on the ground. My heart is saddened. This does not happen in the United States and Hong Kong. The reason that these patients have to crawl is because they are not able to afford a wheelchair. Although most people in China has some basic government health insurance, wheelchair is not usually covered. 

In view of this, HIS Foundation started a wheelchair donation project in 2006. On one hand, we work with some organizations in China to identify the indigent handicapped patients in need of wheelchairs. They include the Federation of Disabled People, Red Cross, Charity Organization, hospitals and churches. On the other hand, HIS Foundation solicit supports from organizations outside China to sponsor the project. They include the Rotary Club, Free Wheelchair Mission etc. In recent years Transparent Fish Fund provides financial support and becomes our important partner. HIS Foundation has already donated over 20,000 wheelchairs in China.

After assembly of the wheelchairs, some will be given out at distribution ceremonies. Other wheelchairs, however, will be delivered to patients’ homes. A simple wheelchair allows the patient to travel further and thus improve the quality of living. It also decreases the hardship of the family members in transporting the patient. It is really a wonderful gift of mobility.

Thank you and God bless you.  

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