2018 As Friends & Healers for Twenty Years


HIS Foundation surgical team mission was started by a group of Christian medical professionals from Hong Kong and the United States in 1995. At that time they lamented the poverty, backwardness, and lack of healthcare in China. Many patients were not properly treated. So these self-funded volunteers organized themselves into teams and provided free medical treatment including surgeries in Henan Province. The clinics were usually very crowded. Some had to wait for three years for their turn to have operation. 

The tender and professional care rendered by HIS Foundation volunteers impressed the patients and their families deeply. Frequently they described the volunteers as “Angels”. Over the years, our volunteers kept in contact with many patients. Some even visited patients’ homes. In July this year, a small group of HIS Foundation volunteers visited 10 patients in the Luoyang area. They had surgeries 15 to 21 years ago. All are female because the male patients are working out of town. Many of these patients were not able to walk before surgery. Their parents had to carry some of them to school. After surgeries all of them are able to ambulate independently, though some still need crutches or braces. All are able to handle daily activities. Nine of them got married and have children. Some are working or running their own businesses. Knowing how well the patients are doing is a great encouragement for us. We know the hard works of HIS Foundation volunteers changed their lives and gave them better opportunities despite their disabilities.

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2018 Zhumadian Wheelchair Donation