2018 Children Summer Program & Dali Orthopedic Mission


I just returned from Dali, Yunnan Province. We followed up on the orthopedic patients after surgery. Most patients are doing very well with good correction of deformities and restoration of functions. Witnessing good results in our patients is a great encouragement. 

In the constitution of People Republic of China (Article 36), it grants citizens freedom to practice religion. Buddhist Association of China, Chinese Taoist Association, Islamic Association of China, Three-Self Patriotic Christian Movement and Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association are officially sanctioned religions. However, in many provinces including Province of Henan where many of HIS Foundation activities are conducted, religious activities are being restricted. Some of our programs, especially those education programs, will not be allowed to continue next year. This includes children summer program and English teacher training courses. Both programs were approved and praised by teachers and education authorities. Some pictures of the two programs taken this year are attached.

Upon request of Habibi—International, HIS Foundation is organizing an orthopedic mission to Kurdistan (northern Iraq) in from January 13 to 25, 2019. Kurdistan has a large number of refugees and displaced people. Most of them Yazidis or Syrians. The team will provide free orthopedic care including surgeries for the patients.

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2019 Zakho City in Kurdistan Region of Iraq to serve the Yazidi refugees