2019 Orthopedic Team Luzhou, Sichuan


Luzhou is an ancient city. It is located on the southeast part of Sichuan Province. It is where River Tuo joins the Yangtze River. Luzhou is very famous for its wine, thus it is also known as “Wine City”. In 1913, missionaries from Canada Rev. Charles Jolliffe and Dr. Ferguson founded a church and a hospital in the city. This was the first hospital that used western medicine. It was called the Gospel Hospital. During the civil war and Sin-Japanese war, the hospital took great care of patients. Its orthopedic department thus became very famous. In 1950 the government took over the control of the hospital and combined it with a military hospital. Later it became an affiliated hospital of the Southwestern Medical School. After the reform, the hospital was returned to the church. A new Gospel Hospital was rebuilt close to its original site. The Gospel Hospital was reopened in 2011.

An orthopedic team was sent to the Gospel Hospital to provide free medical care including surgeries from June 9 to 15. Since Luzhou is located where Sichuan Province, Guizhou Province, and Yunnan Province meet, we got patients from all three provinces. A smaller medical team will return to the hospital in August to follow up on the postoperative patients and provide physical therapy. 

A surgery team was sent to Guizhou Province in September. 

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