2019 Zakho City in Kurdistan Region of Iraq to serve the Yazidi refugees


From January 13 to 25, an orthopedic team was sent to a small city Zakho in Kurdistan Region of Iraq to serve the Yazidi refugees. These refugees are victims of ethnic cleansing by ISIS in 2014. At that time thousands of men were killed and many women and girls were captured. The young women and girls served as sex slaves while the older women worked as domestic slaves. They were being sold in the market illegally.

The orthopedic team used a local government hospital to treat the refugees. Over 200 were seen at the clinic and 24 were admitted for surgeries. A total of 36 operations were performed. Team members also visited the refugee camps many times, building friendship and brought in words of hope and encouragement. They also gave out food and toys as gifts. Due to the huge needs of the refugees, HIS Foundation already decided to send a second orthopedic team from October 6 to 18, 2019. Any interested Christian medical professionals please contact me at HISFound@aol.com

Follow up teams will be sent to Vietnam and Kurdistan in March and April respectively to see the postoperative patients and to help them with rehabilitation. 

Thank you and God bless you.

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