Philippines Orthopedic Mission

4/7/24 - 4/12/24

In April, HIS Foundation sent the first orthopedic mission team to the Philippines.  The team was invited by two nonprofit organizations namely the Heavensent and the Gift of Life.  The team served in a government hospital (Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Medical Center) at the Tagbilaran City, Province of Bohol.  The focus was pediatric orthopedic patients.  The team consisted of 15 members including an orthotist hired from Manila, Philippines.

HIS File

  • Team members: 15
  • Outpatient: 20
  • Surgery patients: 10
  • Patients age: 16 months to 9 yr
  • Braces (AFO):  11 

The medical center is the largest government hospital and is very busy.  The orthopedic surgeons of the hospital pre-selected 20 patients from their clinics.  Many patients come from poor remote areas.  The pediatric orthopedic conditions are frequently those that the local doctors do not manage.  We selected 10 patients for surgery and 3 were put on waiting list for future surgeries.

The hospital and the non-profit organizations had done a lot of preparative works.  Admission and surgeries went very smoothly.  Since the hospital has limited surgical equipment, we brought all we needed. We purchased wheelchairs and walking aides locally.

In mid-June, a small follow-up team will return to see the postoperative patients.  The casts will be removed.  Patients will be fitted with braces and taught rehabilitation exercises.

Case Sharing:
Case# 1: 

A 12-year-old girl had right elbow fracture.  It healed with abnormal alignment

Right elbow alignment before surgery
Normal alignment of the elbow after surgery.

X-ray taken during surgery 

Case# 2:

5-year-old girl with myelomeningocele 

It led to left clubfoot

Severe left foot equinovarus deformity

The left foot is in a cast after surgery

Case# 3:
4-year-old child with cerebral pals, tight heelcords and hamstrings

Patient moves forward in 
squatting position

Patient in long leg casts after surgery.

Please pray for swift recovery of our patients.  May they recover good function and have happy living!

May God bless you abundantly!


James Lau, M.D.                                                                                                                            Board Chairman

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