Program to Prevent Baby Hip Dislocation 

In Kurdistan, the incidence of hip dislocation in baby girls is very higher (Figure 1). There are several predisposing factors for hip instability in babies including first born, female, breech position, family history, and oligohydramnios (deficiency of amniotic fluid).

Female, 8 months old, Dislocation of left hip

Tight Swaddling of Babies

In Kurdistan, there is one more important factor which is tight swaddling of babies. In Kurd custom, mothers usually bind the babies tightly with the hips in adduction and extension. The babies are not able to move the hips freely. Prolong hip adduction and extension make the hips prone to dislocate. 

 HIS Foundation Program: Baby Hip Clinics

The aim is to educate the mothers on other ways of swaddling babies which allow free movement of the hips. Thus, this will minimize the incidence of hip dislocation.

At the clinic, teaching sessions are conducted with small groups of mothers and grandmothers. Methods of swaddling babies which allow free movement of the hips are demonstrated.

After the teaching session, children under one year old brought in by the mothers will have screening examination of the hips by our orthopedic surgeon.

Participants will have opportunities to practice the swaddling techniques on a real size baby doll.

In case hip instability is detected, treatment with brace or harness will begin immediately.  

The program is also implemented in the hospital. Whenever patients are admitted to hospital for any orthopedic surgeries, the mothers ​are taught the risks of hip dislocation associated with tight swaddling and alternative methods of wrapping babies is taught.  It is hope that the program will gradually change the way Kurdish women swaddle babies, thus decrease the incidence of hip dislocation.

Dental Service 

Dental teams were sent to provide screening and simple dental treatment for elementary school students in rural areas.

Rebuilding of Hospital

In 1997, HIS Foundation decided to rebuild Yiyang Ai Da Hospital which is located in Yiyang, Henan Province. The aim of the rebuilding project is to improve and expand the medical services and to provide a training center for local medical personnel. We witness God’s guidance and providence throughout the project, from the selection of location, purchase of old court house to the reconstruction of the building. The new hospital was inaugurated in October, 2000.

Ophthalmology Services

Several ophthalmology teams were sent and provided surgical treatment for cataract.

 Wheelchair Donation

Since 2006 HIS Foundation partner with Free Wheelchair Mission which is a Christian organization in the United States. Thousands of wheelchairs were donated to Henan, Yunan, and Sichuan provinces. HIS Foundation organizes volunteers from the United States, Australia, and Hong Kong into wheelchair teams to assemble and distribute the wheelchairs. A simple but functional wheelchair designed by specialist is able to improve the quality of living of handicapped patients. It allows the patient a great degree of freedom and alleviates the burden of care of family members.

Let Me Move

A testimony of HIS Foundation Orthopedic Service

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